Faculty Checklist

Program Development

  • Review all college guidelines for proposing a short-term faculty-led program.
  • Attend faculty seminar on “Developing a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program” (offered once a semester; see Calendar for Study Abroad Faculty Leader Seminars)
  • Meet with Department Head to discuss time commitment and inclusion in work load assignment.
  • Develop program concept (what, why, where, when) and draft syllabi and course outline.
  • Work with Office of Study Abroad (STAB) to identify a potential program provider or host partner institution to oversee program in-country. Final selection of the program provider (vendor who will invoice us for arrangements and support in country) is subject to the review of the Office of Business Affairs.
  • Draft program itinerary to share with potential program providers and initiate contractual arrangement if appropriate once provider is selected.
  • Secure a faculty or staff co-leader for the program.
  • Submit all documentation required by college to be approved to move forward with a study abroad program proposal (this may include a request for funding).
  • Prepare and submit the Request to Offer a Short-term Study Abroad Program with co-leader for review by IEAC.
  • Confirm the course titles/numbers and instructors of record to be offered as part of the program and approved by department head.
  • Work with STAB on budget for program fee, establishing the minimum and maximum number of participants.

Student Recruitment

  • Prepare short program description(s) and identify photos that can be used for marketing purposes and the program webpage on the STAB website.
  • Attend faculty seminar on “Student Recruitment and Selection for a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program.”
  • Confirm eligibility criteria for students and determine rolling admission vs. a competitive selection with a priority deadline.
  • Familiarize yourself with the scholarships (and deadlines) that might be available to your prospective student participants so that you are able to respond to questions.
  • Participate in the annual Study Abroad Fair.
  • Arrange for class visits.
  • Hold student information sessions.
  • Link departmental website to program’s page on the Study Abroad/Hogs Abroad website.
  • Meet with prospective students to answer questions or concerns.
  • Review completed applications in HogsAbroad portal to recommend, deny or waitlist.


  • Confirm enrollment (signed payment agreements) with Office of Study Abroad (STAB).
  • Secure salary compensation agreement with dept. head and college dean’s office.
  • Work with Office of Study Abroad to secure travel arrangements with designated travel agent
  • Review country information, visa requirements, and all recommendations from the Center for Disease Control
  • Meet with confirmed participants to provide program overview, discuss course expectations, review itinerary, and answer questions.
  • Remind departmental admin to include you in the Summer Workload (or Intersession)
  • Complete the in-country contact information required for the customized PSEC which is incorporated into the STAB Emergency Response Plan for faculty-led programs; confirm back up instructions for late arrivals.
  • Agree on cash advance needed for group funds and personal meals with STAB.
  • Review procedures for filing a Travel Expenditure Report upon return.
  • Hold mandatory pre-departure orientation for participants with STAB.
  • Review class rosters to ensure that students are properly registered.
  • Create a Facebook Page and/or an email list to include names provided by confirmed participants to provide occasional updates and photos while to group is in-country.