Interested in Study Abroad?

Studying, working, or interning abroad can be one of the highlights of your university career. All study abroad programs include academic credit, but the personal and professional growth you experience will help you for the rest of your academic career and make you more competitive in today's globalizing marketplace.

Our students study abroad across the globe- in nearly fifty different counties each year. Study abroad is not just taking classes- it can include community development projects, research, internships, service learning and study tours.

Start planning your journey today! The Study Abroad Office is here to help you every step of the way.

Study Abroad Process Overview

Preparing to study abroad can seem like an overwhelming or ambiguous process. This process looks different for every student and may be influenced by your class status (freshman, sophomore, etc.), major, personal interests, program type, and destination.

Looking at the big picture can help you understand what can be a long journey! Here's an overview of what to expect along the way.

Research Online

Our Program Search tool allows you to filter through hundreds of opportunities. Consider location, cost, term, or course offerings to narrow your results.  If you know where you want to go already, find your program and apply!The Study Abroad Office is here to help you in your research- here are a few ways you can get help!

Walk-in or make an appointment with a Peer Advisor

Come to the Study Abroad Office weekdays from 3-5pm during the semester to get all the study abroad basics. Learn more about study abroad programs, scholarships, and resources. Peer mentors are available to help you review your options for study abroad and start searching for a program.

Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Our study abroad advisors can help you narrow down your program options, provide an application process overview, and answer your study abroad questions. Call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our professional advisors.

Meet with your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor can help look at your overall degree plan and see when it would make the most sense to study abroad and what degree requirements might be best met while abroad.

Every study abroad student needs an application in the HogsAbroad Portal- even if you study with an external program. Click the "Apply Now" button on the program page of a selected program to start an application. You'll need to complete a checklist of items (which you can come back to later) to submit your application for review. 

  • Your application is finished when all items on the checklist are complete and you hit the 'submit' button. 

  • it's not too early to start a scholarship application. Browse all your options on the scholarship page.

  • You won't make any financial commitment until you are admitted to the program. 

Keep a lookout in your email for a decision letter and check the HogsAbroad Portal for any application status updates- most students receive an admissions decision in a week or so. Once students are accepted to a program, they must complete all post-decision documents and materials. Depending on program type, this may include credit pre-approval forms, medical information, housing requests, etc. The list of items on your to-do list might continue to grow after you are admitted. In some cases, this means submitted a visa application, completing additional paperwork with a partner institution or program provider, and making sure your travel arrangements are booked. 

  • You must complete a Financial Agreement before the deadline to confirm your place in the program. This document outlines costs and a schedule for payments. 

  • Do not purchase airfare until you receive instructions from the Study Abroad Office.

Attend all pre-departure meeting(s) and make sure you review all information from your program faculty and leaders. You will learn important information regarding health and safety, course equivalency and enrollment, financial aid disbursal, student conduct expectations and more. Go abroad. Learn, explore, and grow! 
If you studied abroad at a different institution, you’ll need to follow up to make sure your transfer credit is received and processed appropriately. This might require follow up with the study abroad office or your academic advisor, who can help you with your degree audit.There are many opportunities to extend your international experience by getting involved on campus or finding other academic and professional opportunities to get abroad again.  

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