Developing a Short-Term Faculty Led Study Abroad Program

Tianjin, China

Proposing a Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

All University of Arkansas faculty who intend to lead, co-lead and/or teach a University of Arkansas study abroad program must complete the appropriate Study Abroad Program Proposal through the HogsAbroad online portal. All programs and participating faculty must get the approval of their college, department chair(s) and dean(s), and are subject to review by either the International Education Advisory Council (IEAC) or the Rome Center Academic Advisory Committee.

Effective fall 2020, the University of Arkansas will launch a new General Education Core Curriculum which includes a global learning standard (Goal 4: Expand diversity awareness, intercultural competency, and global learning; Learning Outcome 4.1). New programs and repeat programs are strongly encouraged to clearly link their course offering(s) to Learning Outcome 4.1 so that students may receive core credit for participating in your program.

Special Note for Repeat Programs

Effective fall 2019, the IEAC approved a three-year renewal process for repeat faculty-led programs as long as their are no significant program changes, which are defined as:

  1. A significant Change in location (e.g. different country)
  2. A significant itinerary change
  3. A change in academic content
  4. A change in on-site support
  5. New faculty leadership

In other words, a faculty-led program may be renewed on a three-year basis without the high level of scrutiny at the college/university levels.

General Process Timeline

18-24+ Months Prior to Proposed Start Date

  • Review guidelines and attend a seminar on developing a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program (offered each semester by Office of Study Abroad, contact for details).
  • Discuss your interest in offering a study abroad program with your Department Head and the dean or office responsible for approving study abroad programs.
  • Make yourself aware of all college procedures, funding opportunities and related college deadlines for faculty who want to develop a short-term study abroad program.
  • Develop a program concept (what, why, where, when).

12-18 Months Prior to Proposed Start Date

  • Meet with the Office of Study Abroad (STAB) to identify potential program providers
  • Draft tentative program itinerary to send to prospective program providers
  • Secure a co-leader for your program

Approval Procedure

  1. Begin a Study Abroad Program Proposal in the HogsAbroad Portal. Each faculty leader will select only one of the Program Proposals by clicking the "Apply Now" button on that page.
  2. Faculty leaders will complete all items within the application, including questionnaires, material submissions and signature documents.
  3. Soon after the proposal deadline, the completed submission will be sent to your College, followed by the International Education Advisory Council (IEAC).
  4. Shortly after the proposal deadline, you will have a budget meeting with the Director of Study Abroad to set a program fee. Be prepared to bring quotes from your program provider or host institution based on the most up-to-date itinerary.
  5. Once reviewed by your college and IEAC, your proposal's status will change again to reflect the committee's decision.

Program Proposal Guidelines & Resources

Safety is Number One

The safety, health and general well-being of the University’s students and faculty must be given the highest consideration during overseas study and travel. This cannot be overstated and should be foremost on the faculty member’s agenda in the planning stages of the program. Please keep in the mind the following:

  • The University of Arkansas adheres to the recommendations provided by the U.S. Department of State through its Consular Information Sheets, Public Announcements and Travel Warnings. The University will not approve programs in locations that are under a U.S. State Department warning. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a program-by-program basis.
  • The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange has established travel policies and procedures in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Health and Safety Taskforce of NAFSA: Association of International Educators . All faculty leaders should become familiar with Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health and Safety .
  • The Office of Study Abroad works with faculty leaders to provide them with training for their expanded role that includes risk management.
  • All students traveling outside the U.S. on any university affiliated activity are expected to have adequate overseas health insurance, including unlimited emergency travel assistance. This is included by the Office of Study Abroad in the program fees of most of the University of Arkansas administered study abroad programs or it can be purchased separately.