About Us

Students teaching in Belize Community Development in Belize (U of A Faculty-Led Program)

Our mission at the Office of Study Abroad is to facilitate opportunities for our students to gain new knowledge, personal growth and a global perspective through study, research or practical experience outside of the United States and contribute to the campus wide effort to prepare our students to live and succeed in a global society.

The Office of Study Abroad:

  • Works with faculty and academic units to develop and maintain high quality, credit-bearing education abroad programs;
  • Assists students with step-by-step preparations ranging from program selection to funding options through pre-departure activities and returning back to campus;
  • Assists students in financing overseas study through scholarships and financial aid;
  • Manages the University’s agreements with international partner institutions and provides academic services to international students supported through exchange agreements; and
  • Serves as a resource for the University, students, parents, alumni and partner institutions on study abroad programs, international political and social conditions, health and safety factors, and emergency management.