Faculty & Advisors

hobbit-hole-new-zealand Hobbiton (Matamata), New Zealand

We have the great fortune to be at an institution that deeply values international education.  Preparing students to be global citizens requires a diverse faculty with strong intercultural skills and an eagerness to engage globally in research, teaching and collaborations.  It also requires skilled and knowledgeable advisers who are passionate about international education. 

All faculty and our academic advisors can encourage students to gain international experience by participating in one of our reciprocal exchange programs, intensive language programs, faculty-led programs, internships or international service learning opportunities  

Faculty interested in getting involved globally may want to explore teaching, conducting research or participating in a professional development seminar overseas.  The U of A offers over 40 short term faculty-led programs every year in more than 25 countries.  In addition, faculty may apply for grants to serve as visiting professors with our partner institutions.