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Community Development in Vietnam (U of A Faculty-Led Program)

Most of the scholarships and financial aid that you currently receive at the University of Arkansas may be used to study abroad on an approved study abroad program. If you plan to use your U of A academic scholarships, please inform the Academic Scholarship Office about your study abroad plans and schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor to discuss your financial aid options.

There are also many scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad available through the University of Arkansas and outside organizations. We’ve compiled some resources below to help jumpstart your search. Remember that each scholarship has a unique application. Please refer to the links below for eligibility and application requirements for each award. 

University of Arkansas Scholarships

Scholarships Awarded by Outside Organizations

 Creative Funding Ideas

Selecting a program that helps achieve your long-term goals may make it easier to solicit funds from external sources. Keep in mind that local, regional, and national groups, as well as individuals, are all possible contributors; it’s also important to keep careful record of those who helped support you in order to express your appreciation. Finally, past study abroad students found that dedicating a set time each week to look for funding was really helpful. Below are some ideas to ponder.

  • Ask friends and family if anyone is willing to give you some miles or buy your plane ticket with their miles.
  • :  Sell poetry, art, etc. online to raise funds.
  • : Use this platform as an easy way for family and friends to donate to your study abroad program.
  • Go Old School: Bake sale, car wash, collect cans and bottles from neighbors
  • Identify yourself and your plans and save, save, save! 
  • Look for organizations with an interest in specific countries that may be willing to fund you. Are you a Native American? Do you have family members in Germany? Some groups fund students with your background, or offer scholarships to people like you who want to learn more about your heritage.
  • Ask for study abroad related gifts: luggage, backpack, money belt, camera, walking shoes, etc. 
  • Contact businesses, churches and organizations in your hometown, especially those whose mission may relate to your major, region of study, or another facet of your life. They may have scholarships or be willing to donate something toward your time abroad. You can offer to send letters while abroad or give a presentation upon return. Potential organizations include: Elks, Moose, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.
  • Check with your local and national chapter for study abroad scholarships.

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