Program Types

Our HogsAbroad Portal indexes over 1,400 study abroad programs to choose from – but we can help you narrow down your options!

The Programs

Things to Consider

Here are four things to consider when choosing a study abroad program:


Programs range in length from two weeks to an academic year. How long you go abroad depends on personal preference, academic goals for your program, destination and price.

Students are eligible to study abroad beginning the summer after their freshman year.


Programs available in over 60 countries. Courses taught in English are available widely on almost all programs, but some locations might be better than others if you’re looking for specialized coursework or you want to learn a language.

Decisions about your study destination are also personal. Do you want to live in an urban or rural location? Are you okay being a little isolated, or do you want quick access to weekend trips and unplanned adventures? Do you have a heritage interest in visiting a certain part of the world?


Meet with your academic advisor to discuss what classes will help you advance your degree progress. Are you considering a minor? Trying to gain fluency in a second language? Completing University Core requirements? Looking for electives in a city you’ve dreamed of visiting?


Do you have a budget to stick to? We can help! Programs range in price and scholarship opportunities can help make your goals reachable.