Community Development in Mozambique (U of A Faculty-Led Program)

Most of the scholarships and financial aid that you currently receive at the University of Arkansas may be used to study abroad on an approved study abroad program. If you plan to use your U of A academic scholarships, please inform the academic scholarship office about your study abroad plans and schedule an appointment with your financial aid counselor to discuss your financial aid options.

There are also many scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad available through the University of Arkansas and outside organizations. We’ve compiled some resources below to help jumpstart your search.

University of Arkansas Scholarships

Name of Scholarship Eligibility Award Amount Deadline
Office of Study Abroad Scholarship To be eligible to apply, students should have a 3.0 GPA. $200-$800 May Intersession/Summer/ August Intersession/Fall/Year – February 15  January Intersession/Spring – October 1
African American Studies Department Study Abroad Grants AAST majors or minors. Varies Refer to Department
Cleveland C. Burton Study Abroad Scholarship Fulbright College student with at least sophomore standing and a 3.25+ GPA. Substantial fellowship holders are ineligible to apply. up to $4,000 Summer/Fall/Year – February 1 
Spring – October 1
College of Education and Health Professions Study Abroad Grants COEHP degree-seeking students. $500 Summer/Fall/Year -- February 1 
Spring – October 1
College of Engineering Study Abroad Grants Engineering majors. Varies Summer/Fall/Year – February 1 
Spring – October 1
Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences Study Abroad Grants AFLS degree-seeking student $200-$2,000 Summer/Fall/Year – February 1
January Intersession/Spring – October 1
Honors College Study Abroad Grants Full time honors students with at least 3.5 GPA; see link for additional requirements.

Varies, up to 30-45% of eligible program costs

Summer/Fall/Year – October 1, November 1, February 1 
January Intersession/Spring – September 22
J.W. & Elizabeth Fulbright Scholarship Fulbright College undergraduates with at least sophomore standing with interest (but not necessarily a major) in one of the following fields: literature, history (including theatre, art, and music history), jurisprudence, philosophy, archaeology, comparative languages, and those aspects of the social sciences that employ philosophical or historical approaches $10,000+ February 1
John L. Imhoff Global Studies Endowment Industrial Engineering majors with at least 2.0 GPA; see link for additional details Varies By the fifth week of the semester before the proposed study abroad
Johnetta Cross Brazzell Study Abroad Scholarship U of A students from underrepresented communities (i.e.,  first-generation college students, low-income students, members of ethnic or minority groups, females in STEM, etc). $1,000-$1,200 February 1
Middle East Studies Study Abroad Scholarship MEST majors; see link for additional details Varies Refer to Department
Sam Walton College of Business Study Abroad Scholarships WCOB majors and minors Varies Summer/Fall/Year – February 1
January Int/Spring – October 1
Fulbright College Sturgis Honors Study Abroad Grants Fulbright College Honors Program students (college or departmental tracks) with at least 3.5 GPA and 6 hours of honors coursework completed by date of application; see link for additional details $1,500-$10,000 Summer/Fall/Year – February 1
Spring – October 1
World Language, Literature, and Culture Departmental Scholarship Foreign language majors and minors. $200- $600 February 1

Scholarships Awarded by Outside Organizations

Name of Scholarship Eligibility Award Amount Deadline
Athletes Abroad Scholarship Student-athletes (club, intramural, or varsity) participating in any program or subject that confers credits toward degree completion. Varies November of the year prior to studying abroad
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship U.S. citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing, receiving a Federal Pell Grant or provide proof that he/she will be receiving a Pell Grant at the time of application or during the term of his/her study abroad program or internship $2,000-$5,000+ Summer/Fall/Year -- early March | Spring – early October
Bridging Japan Scholarships U.S. undergraduates majoring in any field, studying in Japan for at least one semester $2,500-$4,000 Spring - early October | Fall - April
Boren (NSEP) Undergraduate Scholarship Students must pursue study of languages, geographic areas and fields of study critical to U.S. National Security. Recipients are expected to fulfill service requirement with U.S. government upon graduation or termination of studies. Appointment with the Boren on-campus advisor, DeDe Long, is a required as part of application process. See link for additional details up to $20,000 U of A Campus Deadline - mid January
BUTEX Scholarships for UK Undergraduates studying at a BUTEX member university in the UK for at least one semester. U of A exchange partners, Essex and Sussex, are both members and U of A students can apply. £500 Fall/Year - mid June
CIEE (External Program Provider) Language Intensive-Focus Track (LIFT) Merit Scholarships For students who want to pursue an intensive language CIEE program for one academic year in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Spain, or Taiwan $5,000 Refer to Program Provider
CIEE (External Program Provider) General Scholarships students participating on CIEE programs, with grants based on both academic merit and diversity Varies Refer to Program Provider
Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the CLS Program offers U.S. citizens intensive summer language institutes in 14 critical foreign languages; see link for additional details Almost 100% Funded Refer to Website
Delta Phi Alpha German Study Abroad Grant Sophomore & Junior Delta Phi Alpha Members who are planning to study abroad on an accredited program in a German speaking country. Preference will be given to support students who are attending programs that promote advanced use of the German language. $1,250 Fall/Year -- mid March | Spring/Summer – mid November
DiversityAbroad Scholarships An online scholarships directory for underrepresented students in study abroad and higher education Varies Refer to Website
Fulbright Summer Institutes in the United Kingdom U.S. freshmen and sophomores (ages 18+ with at least two years of undergraduate study left to complete and at least 3.7 GPA), will be selected to attend a three, four, five or six week academic and cultural summer program in the UK.  Appointment with the Fulbright on-campus advisor, DeDe Long, is a required as part of application process. See link for additional details Fully Funded Late February
Fund for Education Abroad General Scholarship Undergraduate U.S. citizens or permanent residents with preference toward underrepresented groups (first-generation college students, minority students, athletes, etc); see link for additional details $1,250-$10,000 November of the year prior to studying abroad
Garden Club of America Scholarships 27 merit-based scholarships, fellowships and awards in the areas of horticulture and its related disciplines, botany, including medicinal and tropical, native bird habitat, conservation and ecological restoration, desert studies, landscape architecture, urban forestry, garden history and design, coastal wetlands, and pollinator research; see link for additional details Varies Refer to Website

GoEuro European Study Abroad Scholarship

GoEuro is offering this European scholarship to financially assist international students with their studies.

GoEuro will be granting three individual scholarships up to €2,000.

up to €2,000

January 31, 2017
Go Overseas Scholarship Students currently enrolled in, or in the process of applying to, any study abroad program. The scholarship is awarded based on the creativity and analytical thinking displayed through writing samples and/or video submissions. $500-$1,000 Refer to Website
Hiliary Echo Douglas Memorial Scholarship one student each year planning to study abroad in Vietnam or within other Southeast Asian cultures; see link for additional details Varies November of the year prior to studying abroad
Hispanic Scholarship Fund For students with Hispanic heritage, at least a 2.5 GPA and US citizen. Emphasis on STEM majors $500-$5,000 late March/early April
IFSA-Butler Scholarships, including Work To Study and First Generation College Student Programs many different opportunities; see link for additional details $500-$2,500 Spring/Semester 1 – Early November | Fall/Semester 2 – Early March
Marty Thurlby Deweese Study Abroad Grant For Fayetteville High School alumni who study abroad; see link for additional details $500-$1,600 late February
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants Students with at least 3.75 GPA, active members of this organization and have been approved to attend a study abroad program that begins in May $1,000 mid February
PLATO Resources An online collection of study abroad scholarships for underrepresented students in study abroad and higher education. Varies Refer to Website
Rainbow Scholarship for American LGBTQI Study Abroad Students Undergraduates who identify as LGBTQI and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents; see link for additional details Varies November of the year prior to studying abroad
SIT (External Provider) Pell Grant Match Scholarship SIT will automatically match a student’s Pell award used for a semester program with SIT. Matched Pell Grant Amount Spring – early November | Fall – mid May | Summer - early April
SIT (External Provider) General Scholarships All students accepted into an SIT Study Abroad program irrespective of citizenship, national origin, or home school; see link for additional details $500-$5,000 Spring – early November | Fall – mid May | Summer - early April
Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) Full-time undergraduate and graduate students who are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents of African American, Bosnian American, Filipino American, Hispanic American, Macedonian American, or Native American heritage and accepted to an accredited university or language program in Turkey, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) or Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) $500-$2,000 Rolling basis

Creative Funding Ideas

Selecting a program that helps achieve your long-term goals may make it easier to solicit funds from external sources. Keep in mind that local, regional, and national groups, as well as individuals, are all possible contributors; it’s also important to keep careful record of those who helped support you in order to express your appreciation. Finally, past study abroad students found that dedicating a set time each week to look for funding was really helpful. Below are some ideas to ponder:

Frequent Flyer Miles:  Ask friends and family if anyone is willing to give you some miles or buy your plane ticket with their miles.  Sell poetry, art, etc. online to raise funds. Use this platform as an easy way for family and friends to donate to your study abroad program.

Go Old School: Bake sale, car wash, collect cans and bottles from your neighbors during football tailgating – identify yourself and your plans, and save, save, save!

Heritage groups with an interest in specific countries: American Swedish Institute, Japan America Society, etc.

Holidays:  Ask for study abroad related gifts (e.g. backpack, money belt, camera, etc.)

Local businesses, churches & civic organizations: Contact businesses, churches and organizations in your hometown, especially those whose mission may relate to your major, region of study, or another facet of your life. They may have scholarships or be willing to donate something toward your time abroad. You can offer to send letters while abroad or give a presentation upon return. Potential organizations include: Elks, Moose, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.

Sororities and fraternities:  Check with your local and national chapter for study abroad scholarships.