Study Abroad Programs

 Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil border

Seize the opportunity to explore learning inside and outside of the classroom – collect soil samples in the South American rainforest, work in a Belizean health clinic, navigate the tube in London, trace Darwin’s footsteps across the Galapagos, fight the windmills in La Mancha that made Don Quixote infamous, excavate ancient Roman cities, or walk mile after mile on the Great Wall of China!

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Study Abroad Program Models

There are two basic program types available for students to use: University of Arkansas administered programs and external provider programs. Below is a breakdown of student options:


U of A Rome Center

Founded as a center for architectural studies in 1989, the Rome Center now serves the full University of Arkansas community, offering a varied curriculum in U of A classes.



U of A Faculty-Led Programs

Directed by U of A faculty who travel with students, these short-term programs offer experiences that help to make study abroad more possible logistically and financially for more students.



Reciprocal Exchange Programs

U of A students exchange places with a student from one of our partner universities in Europe, Asia and Australia for a summer, semester or a year while paying U of A tuition, making these programs a very affordable way to go abroad.



External Programs

U of A students have nearly endless possibilities to study abroad through affiliated external programs that offer enrollment at international institutions or American university study centers across the globe. Students verify their credit with the U of A before departure and work with the Study Abroad Office to maintain their enrollment and receive financial aid.