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Classics in Greece and Turkey (U of A Faculty-Led Program)

Students on faculty-led programs travel with at least one U of A faculty member and fellow students.  Faculty-led programs offer numerous advantages to students, from getting to know U of A professors and students, to the support network offered by traveling with a group, to the advantage of earning U of A credit without the need for transfer credit. 

If you’re considering studying abroad on a faculty-led program, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Application process.  The application process is found online and handled by the Office of Study Abroad, with input from faculty trip leaders. Schedule a meeting with our study abroad advisor for faculty-led programs, and/or faculty trip leaders to learn more about these programs, scholarships, financial aid and necessary deadlines.. 

  • U of A forms and paperwork.  Students will manage application and confirmation documents through our online system and with the advice of the faculty-led programs advisor. Supporting documents will vary by program, and it is your responsibility to return forms in a timely manner. Following acceptance, a student will confirm his or her spot on the program with a signed payment agreement and a paid deposit on UAConnect. 

  • Program payment responsibilities.  Each faculty-led program has a program fee and will be posted to your UAConnect account. A deposit will be charged after the application deadline for all students who confirm acceptance with signed payment agreements, and paid deposits will hold students’ spots in the program.  After the deposit is paid, the balance of the program fee will be placed on the student’s UAConnect account for the term corresponding with travel.  Payments should be made in accordance with the program payment agreement, with full accounts being paid off prior to travel.  If the payment deadline falls before your scholarships and financial aid disburse, contact your study abroad advisor for guidance.

    All students who study abroad are assessed a study abroad fee. The study abroad fee is $100 for intersession and summer students, and $200 for semester/year students or students who study abroad for two terms on the same program and in the same location (EX:  summer plus fall, or fall and spring).  Program changes trigger a second charge of the study abroad fee.  (EX: When students do two different summer programs, they will be charged the $100 fee for each program, but if they extend in the same summer program, they will not be charged a second time).  The same logic applies to semester extensions. 

    • Visiting students (students whose home university is not the University of Arkansas) must secure funding through their home universities.  Visiting students must be admitted to the U of A to participate in study abroad programs, and they will be assigned a U of A student UAConnect account to manage their program payments following admission to the university. 

  • U of A Scholarships and Financial Aid. In many cases, you may use whatever scholarships or financial aid you normally receive in a given term to study abroad in that same term. For detailed information on financial aid and scholarship disbursement arrangements, check out the financial information section and talk to your study abroad advisor. Look for additional funding sources. To get started, click here.

  • Logistical preparations for travel. Your study abroad advisor will help provide you with information on applying for a visa, if needed, as well as instructions on how to secure travel arrangements, if not already provided by the program, and information about your travel health insurance.

  • Participation in pre-departure orientation activities. In addtion to meeting with your program and faculty leaders, you will also be invited to our larger pre-departure meetings. Join a small group of other U of A students going to your country or region as well as return U of A study abroad students and pose questions to a panel of study abroad alumni. Academic differences, what to do if taking a course that wasn’t pre-approved, transfer credit and GPA, as well as funding disbursement will also be discussed. There will be at least one pre-departure meeting for your group; you will be notified by email of the specifics.